Why VanillaSaLt?

Those of you that have been with me from the start will know that all this 'blogging' started as a bit of a dare thanks to my youngest stepson. I didn't really believe that anyone would see anything I posted, would read it or actually show any interest, I also wasn't too sure what I would blog about, how it would evolve and how important a name and web address would be.............. which is why my title is sooooo long .......what was I thinking? ........ initially I was looking for a name that would encompass any direction the blog took  - but really  - I have to admit I got it wrong......... which I realise every time someone asks for my blog name or address, I see their eyes glaze over halfway through telling them - so the plan has been to come up with a new shorter name!

I wanted something food related, I wanted it to be snappier and unique, I wanted something cool, trendy, stylish and chic....... but above all, I needed it to be short!!!!

So over the last few months we have had our thinking caps on and have been running new names and ideas passed each other many rejects, and then one day a few months ago ........ we both suddenly said ''Vanilla Salt!''

What is VanillaSaLt?

Due to a happy accident, Vanilla Salt, has become a 'thing' in our house - inadvertently, some vanilla pods were placed into a jar of sea salt - instead of the usual sugar - to keep them fresh and the resulting flavoured salt had been rather good sprinkled on sweets, vanilla ice cream, fruit etc........I'm about to try it on some caramels and maybe in a few sweet sauces.

If you have a fancy for it I do recommend you make up a small batch and try it. Just fill a small jar with sea salt flakes - I used maldon - and then push a vanilla pod or two into the salt, seal and leave for atleast 3 weeks to flavour. I have left a pod in perminently because a) it looks nice and b) it keeps the vanilla flavour fresh.