About Me

Welcome to my world of beautiful things.......here I talk about what makes me tick ....... my projects, my photo's, my decorating ideas and dreams, my flea market finds, flowers and country life......

But most of all I love to share about my passion for food - if I'm not cooking, I'm reading about, thinking about and writing about food. I photograph, source and experiment with flavours and recipes.

This is the place where I get to bring it all together.

Please take a look and enjoy it all along with me ......

A few little insights ........

.... my kitchen is used for dancing & singing along to the radio just as much as cooking

.... I secretly read trashy novels on my kindle

.... I am unable to parallel park gracefully, tie a knot correctly or pluck my eyebrows evenly
 - oddly I'm only worried about my eyebrows!!

.... I use hyperbole, emoticons and exclamation marks with reckless abandon!!! you have been warned!!

.... I can not run nimbly, or walk for that matter, in high heels

.... I have to watch the film Notting Hill at least once every few months - I think I have watched it approximately 12,259 times ...... well ''happiness isn't happiness without a violin playing goat''

.... I've always wanted to be a 'private I' - but it probably isn't as glam as I think!

.... and if you know what I mean when I say I'm a wittertainment devote.... 
then to you all I'm an LTL, NCG and 'Hello to Jason'

When the cooking bug first got me........

Love Lizx