Monday, 11 September 2017

Surprise Trips are the best

If you have been wondering where I've been these last few days - well - I was zipped off to Iceland by Andrew. From what I can understand it was a split second decision after seeing the price of last minute fights from our local airport (Thanks WOW air!!) So I had a moments notice (well 1 day to be precise!) to pack, tell work I wasn't going to be in for a few days and off we went.....

Early morning flights meant we had time to pick up a hire car and head off to the snaefellsnes peninsula over on the west of the country. This is one of my favourite areas of Iceland, I'm not sure why but we have always been incredibly luck with the weather here, the light always seems perfect for photography and just gazing at scenery, the air is very pure and it is so quiet.

This area has everything from mountains, ice and snow, to hot springs, stark volcanic landscapes and lush green pastures in the summer. In fact I've heard it described as Iceland in miniature - so if we are only to be in this country for a brief visit - then to drive and spend that time here is a must.

The drive from Keflavik airport takes about 3 hours - or longer if you keep stopping to see things - and you can easily do this as a day trip if your based in Reykjavik. We decided to take our time and booked into a guest house situated directly under the mountains at Lysudalur, about halfway along the south side of peninsular. This meant we were close to the mountain pass that will take us right over these mountain ranges to the north near the town of Olafsvik - and it was this road we planned to take for a midnight drive to look for the northern lights - which we did, we caught a glimpse of the lights but once the moon rose it was far to bright - although the mountains by moonlight were magical.

One of my favourite times of day when we have been travelling, is the early evening. Arriving at your destination be it a campsite, guest house, hotel or mooring (if we are on the boat) and finally stopping, relaxing with a beer, planning the evening meal and talking about what we have just seen and done. We will usually looking at the pictures we have taken that day and then kicking back, sipping at the beer and admiring the views. Often we will both lapse into a comfortable silence whilst we simply unwind from the journey - processing the events for the day.

And we wait until after our evening meal before planning the next day of our journey......

Have a great start to your week
Love Lizx

Here's the route we took to our guest house - the route back to Reykjavik was another matter entirely of which I will explain later in the week!