Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Pimms Fruit Salad

I don't like to just save the Pimms for watching tennis for two weeks in the summer - I'm happy to drink it all year round, but one of my favourite uses is to pour a good glassful over chopped red fruits to make a simple boozy pudding. If it's just adults partaking, then I will just slosh as much as I wish over the bowl of fruit, maybe stir in a little vanilla sugar to sweeten and then leave to marinate in a warm place for a few hours. But if I have a mixed group of ages I make up a hot syrup that helps remove the alcohol - best to be safe than sorry!

Recipe - serves 4

500g mixed red fruit - I used cherries, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries.
70g Sugar
200ml Pimms
juice of a lime

Sprigs of mint to finish - optional

First prepare your fruit. Give it all a good rinse under icy cold water, then stone and half the cherries, hull and quarter the strawberries, check over the raspberries - remove any soggy ones - and finally remove any blueberries that are looking a bit green - these will be too sour.

As a rule try to always buy ripe but firm summer fruits, slightly soft or starting to look bruised will mean they will go bad very quickly - usually within a few hours - and the flavour will be poor and musty.

Set the fruit into a serving bowl, cover and leave in a warm place whilst you make up the syrup.

Warm a dry pan over the heat, when hot remove from the stove and pour in the Pimms. It will spit and sizzle as the alcohol is burnt off. Return to the stove, lower the heat and add the sugar along with half the lime juice. Stir until the sugar has dissolved. Remove from the heat and pour into a cold jug. Once cool pout over the fruit and gently fold in. Taste and add the rest of the lime juice if you want a sharper taste.

Cover and again leave at room temperature for a few hours before serving. Garnish with a sprig of mint if you wish.

This fruit salad is perfect paired with ice white vanilla ice cream, or piled on meringues filled with whipped cream, or simply serve with pouring cream and a few shortbread biscuits.

This mixture is also perfect for a summer pudding. Simply place the fruit salad into a pan and warm over a medium heat until the blueberries burst and all the red juices of the fruit flow. Cut the crusts of a sliced white loaf, butter the slices on one side and use them to line a pudding bowl. Fill the centre with the fruit - including all the juices - pop a slice of bread on the top to seal and, using a tea saucer and a few weights, weigh the top down. Place in the fridge overnight to allow the juices to work into the bread and the flavours to marinate. Remove from the fridge a few hours before serving to allow it all to relax.

Turn out onto a plate to make a very impressive dessert. Serve with pouring cream.

Have a great day - here's the link to a printable
Love Lizx