Thursday, 24 August 2017

Sauteed leeks with Blue Cheese and Walnuts

Sauteed leeks with cheese have been a staple in our house for years. When Andrew's boys were visiting they would always ask for 'cheesy leeks' - it was such an easy dish to make and I could serve it as a side dish or with pasta and they would hoover it all down!

Now they are 'grown ups' I feel I can move this dish up a few notches, substituting the cheddar for blue cheese, adding walnuts and maybe a few allspice berries to introduce texture and a deeper spice flavour - additions little kids would not appreciate!

Recipe - enough for two
2 leeks - trimmed, shredded and washed
250ml double cream - I love to use the extra rich and yellow Jersey cream for this dish
50g - 100g blue cheese - grated, really add as you wish
25g chopped walnuts
3 allspice berries - crushed
salt and pepper

Trim, shred and wash the leeks - make sure you get all the sand and grit washed away - place them in a large pan and saute with a little butter or olive oil until softened and slightly translucent.

Add the cream and gently combine the two over a low heat - until the cream has warmed through. Don't boil the cream just let it heat through slowly.

Once the cream it hot add the cheese and continue to cook until the cheese has melted into the sauce. Add the allspice, salt and black pepper. Taste to adjust the seasoning and then fold in the walnuts just before serving.

This sauce is perfect with pork - especially pork chops and mash potato. It's excellent with any type of pasta as a quick week night supper and it works really well with slices of leftover Sunday roast for a Monday night meal.

I often add extras to the sauce - leave out the walnuts and add smoked lardons, or chopped chilli, diced red peppers work well and look amazing, and a teaspoon full of Dijon mustard work too.

Here's the printable recipe

Have a great day
Love Lizx