Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Lemon Curd

Smooth, buttery, zesty lemon curd spread over a hot toasted crumpet has got to be up there in the list of 'good things in life' - especially when the warmed curd spilling out means you have to spend the ensuing few minutes licking your fingers! So armed with a large bowl of leftover egg yolk - from a birthday Pavlova cake - set about making a few jars of my favourite toast topping.

However, I didn't have the time to spend on my usual method of stirring, melting and thickening over a pan of simmering water so I tried a throw-it-all-in method in the microwave and it worked! I was worried I would end up with a sweet, lemon flavoured bowl of scrambled eggs but I ended up with a glossy, smooth dish of sunny yellow curd.

Recipe - will make 3 x 350ml jars

4 egg yolks
3 lemons - zest one and juice them all
350g golden caster sugar
225g butter - cut into chunks
1 dessertspoon cornflour

I will give you both methods - my microwave followed by my usual stove top one.

Microwave Method

Stir together the cornflour and lemon juice in a large microwave proof bowl, add all the rest of the ingredients and give it a quick stir - you don't have to but it felt wrong not doing so! - pop in the microwave on full power for 1 minute. Remove and give a good stir. Place back in the microwave and cook again for 1 minute - stir and repeat the process until you have a smooth, thick curd that coats the back of a spoon. I was finished after 3 minutes but it could take longer depending on the power of your microwave.

Once cooked pour into sterilised jars, seal and cool completely before storing in the fridge, or a cool place. They will keep for a couple of weeks.

The stove top way -

Whisk the eggs with the sugar in a large bowl. Stir the cornflour into the lemon juice and add to your egg mix, along with the lemon zest. Tip in the chopped chunks of butter and then place the bowl over a pan of simmering water. Using a wooden spoon, stir continuously until the butter has melted, the sugar dissolved and the mixture has started to thicken. this will take about 8 minutes. Lower the heat and let it simmer for a few more minutes - gently stirring throughout. Once your happy with the thickness ladle into sterilised jars, seal and allow to cool. Store in a cool place or the fridge and they will keep for a couple of weeks.

Although the ultimate way to use up egg yolks after making meringue is to make my lemon curd pavlova.....

Have a lovely, sunny start to your week
Love Lizx