Tuesday, 18 July 2017

In search of the Lobster Roll

 We have left Boston. We've hired a car and are now heading off to drive Cape Cod and then planning to spend some time in Rhode Island and Connecticut.

After taking forever to get out of Boston - why did we try to leave mid morning on a Friday???? and then we have driven along miles of roads that all look the same, we finally allowed ourselves to get very excited when Provincetown harbour appeared on our satnav and then the road sign proved we had made it!

 Not only had it been a goal of ours to get to this point on the Cape but we were in search of the best lobster rolls in New England - we had it on good authority that this was the place to go - so first things first, find somewhere to park the beast of a truck Andrew has hired!

Provincetown (or P-town if you prefer) is a busy, vibrant, cosmopolitan place. Cars compete with ambling tourists down the narrow streets. Guys on bikes weave in and out of the traffic and pedestrians, there are dogs on long leads, kids with ice-cream and people advertising the evening shows - it's loud, it's busy, and above all its very, very happy and good natured - I love the place!

Here there are lovely shops for browsing and souvenir buying, there are stores full of sweets and snacks and many restaurants dot the road running next to the beach. It was here we started our search for the perfect lobster roll.

And this is where we found it. Bubala's-on-the-bay. We wandered past and noticed people tucking into plates of fabulous sea food - clam chowder, bowls of mussels, shrimp, crab and the best, fullest lobster rolls - so no contest this was where we were going to have lunch. And it was a good choice - the large brioche rolls were toasted and not soggy, there was loads of sweet lobster meat in large chunks and the hot butter poured over the top just made them perfect - served with a plate full of french fries and I was a very happy girl!! (N.B......Whatever you are told about lobster being cheap in New England - it is not, it is a comparable price to what I would expect to pay in the UK, so when you get a roll absolutely brimming full of large chunks of meat you feel that your are getting value for your money) The guy who served us was from Jamaica and he was such a friendly, laid back happy guy we could have chatted all day!

After eating lunch we wandered along the shore, looking at the old piers and arcades simply absorbing the atmosphere of the town.

Next stop is Rhode Island ........... and our little holiday home for the next few days........

If you fancy having a go at making your own lobster roll - and why wouldn't you? - they are so simple. Just fill toasted brioche rolls full of fresh lobster meat and pour hot melted butter over! Loads of black pepper will finish it off nicely.

Have a great day
Love Lizx