Thursday, 6 July 2017

A Homebody? Noooooo.......

I'm feeling excited and a tiny little bit annoyed. In a few days time we are off on holiday - two weeks in New England - spending a week in Boston and then driving around Maine, Rhode Island etc so expect lots of lobster recipes on my return!!!

So why the heck am I feeling a little annoyed? - you may well ask!

Well for the first time in ages the garden is looking not too bad, the weeds are under control - sort of, the slugs and snails have not descended in their usual mega armies of destruction and the flowering plants are all looking healthy, happy and are about to burst into bloom. There are birds nesting in a number of trees, there are tomatoes in the greenhouse, courgettes on the plants and everything is looking and feeling great - I'm enjoying sitting out in the evenings.

I have asked my neighbour to pop in and water - she's brilliant so I'm sure all will be well, but how can I leave it when for once in my gardening life it's all looking good! I have convinced myself that on my return it will all have changed - the weeds will have gone rampant, the slugs will have gobbled up the courgettes and those they have left will be marrows, the tomatoes will have succumbed to blight, the birds will have fledged to leave empty nests, the flowers will now be scraggy seed heads and the black birds will have eaten all my fruits.

Ahhh have I become a homebody? have I gone and become domestic and boring? Do I just want to stay here and tend my garden and paint my house?


It's time for a pep talk - I'm still young (relatively!!!) I can still find that adventurous spirit (it's hidden somewhere in me) so what am I waiting for lets go and get them!!!!!!!!

So I will see you on the other side - await all those New England recipes!!!

Love Lizx