Wednesday, 12 July 2017

A Foodie in Boston

I'm in heaven - Boston is the perfect place for a foodie to go. There are great coffee shops, restaurants, takeaways, quick snack shacks and so much more .......... there are fantastic deli's and food shops, butchers, bakers and most probably candlestick makers if I looked hard enough!

We have managed to wend our way from one to another and I have decided to give you a potted guide to my favourites so far .......

First up I have decided to embrace the American morning ritual of walking out to get a coffee instead of boiling the kettle and grabbing the instant - which is probably sacrilege here! We are staying on Newbury Street which has more than it's fair share of coffee shops so I don't have to walk too far - but my favourite, at the moment, is the Thinking Cup. They serve fantastic coffee and also the best chia latte I have had this week. They also have the most amazing cake counter and the giant biscotti are excellent! A word of warning though it is very busy on the weekend brunch times - you need elbows at the ready to protect your drink and it's standing room only if it's raining - although later in the week and early mornings it was quiet and very pleasant.

 thinking cup

Now if your looking for a treat - I've found it - Lady M is also on Newbury Street and unfortunately - or fortunately - depending on how you look at it, directly below our flat! At Lady M's you can buy cake - but this is no ordinary cake - oh no - there are only a few types to choose from and most are made from thin layers of delicate french crepes, sandwiched lightly together with creme patisserie.

It's a very clinical shop - not really a cake shop feel at all - more like a jewelers! It's all clean lines and no atmosphere what-so-ever! The cakes are display only and are laid out in a couple of rows under a glass cover - you have to go to the back of the shop and place your order - no chit chat is to be had with the staff - it's all professional, polite service - which arrives, already boxed, to the counter before you have finished paying - the order is placed via the till computer so no communication is needed with the back room staff and it seemed strange not being able to see the selection and cutting of your slice of cake - I like to witness the whole preparing, slicing, packing ritual after placing an order so this didn't work for me at all - but it seems to have a lot of custom so it must work for some and the cakes are fantastic!

A slice of the house signature cake is a must and the lemon one is perfect. It's expensive and rich so it's not an everyday eat but something for a special occasion - like maybe celebrating each day of your holiday?!?

 Lady M


So, for the occasional lunch and supper time we have found our way across the street - literally just across the street - to eat at Sonsie's. I love this place - it's high energy, loads of noise, good food, a great beer menu, excellent waiting staff who work with good humour and enjoy a laugh. The place always seems to be open - for lunch, snacks, dinner or just a drink. The front of the restaurant opens to the street and the tables and customers spill out into the sunshine. If this area is full do not despair, there are loads of tables further back with just as much atmosphere as the front. The food is a winner too - the calamari is excellent with tiny sweet onion rings included in the batter mix - which I had never thought of doing but will from now on. They also have a wood oven and the pizza is another must try. Everything is freshly prepared so you do have a bit of a wait but its well worth it!


Now we have managed to ventured further a field - we walked over the bridge crossing the Charles river to take in the architecture of MIT and wandered back via Beacon Hill. Here we discovered Tatte - wow I love it! and have been back a couple of times already. Beacon Hill is a beautiful area and Tatte fits in so well. This is a busy cafe but with a laid back and calm atmosphere - all very nostalgic with it's decor and amazing array of lighting. The staff are lovely and up for a chat whilst you choose from the amazing array of cakes. The coffee is excellent, along with the fresh orange juice - which was much needed after our long hot walk. I have just read they lunch menu and will be heading back ....... very soon.



And finally - if you are in need of ice cream - it's everywhere! there are vans full of every flavour you can imagine dotted around the parks, there are stalls and parlours on every street and most deli and food shops seem to have an ice cream counter. But if your after the real deal you need to head to the Italian quarter of Boston - Little Italy in the North End. Here you can buy gelato - real Italian ice cream. This is the real deal and at Gelateria we opted to have a tub each - I had stracciatella which was excellent - what Andrew had I couldn't tell you but I remember he said it was good! We enjoyed the fresh flavours, we sat watching the world go by, before continuing along the Freedom Trail - which I will tell you all about later in the week when I've sorted my pictures!


Have a great day - hope you enjoyed my food views of Boston so far......and don't worry we have been doing lots of things not just eating our way around this wonderful city.........

Love Lizx