Friday, 19 May 2017

The Weekend Brunch

Due to work commitments and the usual living life stuff, as a family we are often apart during the week, cooking quick meals, eating separately and generally rushing in and out. So our weekends are special and we always try to have a very leisurely morning brunch before heading out.

If we are in Bath then we'll wander through the town to a favourite cafes - usually Hunter and Sons or Blue Quails Deli - if you get a window seat both are great for people watching!

But if we are at home in Cornwall then it's the full cook out, we all pitch in and make a brunch banquet that will keep us going until evening meal time - well maybe until a little something around 4-ish!

So what sort of things do we cook? Well anything really. There is usually bacon featuring somewhere and pancakes of some sort - banana or something more traditional  The toaster will get involved, along with the griddle and maybe the grill or oven - we will create from what's in the fridge or freezer, leftovers can be incorporated and maybe someone will get sent out for a fresh loaf or provisions of some sort ....... it all sounds rather idyllic but really it can be a bit of a Heath Robinson affair but one thing always happens there is no rush, we just take our time.

Obviously, eggs will featuring somewhere - fried, poached, boiled - anyway you can imagine really and sometimes it could be eggs hollandaise or croque monsieur/madame - maybe it will be served with some asparagus or broccoli sprouts.

We've been know to have cake or muffins, cheeses, cold meats or quiche, fruit in smoothies or yogurt but sometimes it's simply bacon butties, toast and jam or just a bowl of porridge with a little extra added.

So what I'm trying to say is - it's not what you eat or how you eat it - it's taking your time, cooking with friends and family, wind down from the previous week, enjoy life and have a laugh, relax, chat, read the papers or a book, play your guitar whilst the food cooks, drink coffee, sip fruit juice, brew tea and recharge your life for whats to come next week......

So having said all that, I hope you all have a great weekend, we will try to have one too.
Love Lizx