Friday, 28 April 2017

Leir 7 - the return

Last year we visited a small pottery in the beautiful town of Stykkishólmur, in Iceland, called Leir 7 and I promised myself that one day I would return. I didn't realise then that visit would happen less than a year later! The pottery we purchased on our first visit has become a treasure possession and the plan to add to it one day was more a pipe dream than actuality!

We arrived late in the evening and obviously the pottery was shut - although we did peer through the window, just to take a peak, on our after-supper-stroll. However, first thing the next morning, after a leisurely breakfast and coffee - well I was on holiday! - we headed straight to the pottery with me secretly planning to add just a few more items to our small collection from last year.

We were greeted so warmly by Sigri - the owner and potter at Leir 7 and although I'm not sure she remembered us from our last visit I'm sure she will from this one! We spent ages choosing and chatting, we talked about everything from her pottery, the clay, Icelandic weather, the northern lights, politics and maybe moving to Iceland one day!!

Just as we were about to leave and had explained our plans for the rest of the day, Sigri showed us a beautiful glazed shell she had modelled from a shell she found on the beach we were hoping to head to.

Well, we did get to the beach and we found loads of beautiful shells, including a large perfectly formed blue muscle shell. 'that would be perfect as a pottery shell' I muttered and that was it - we kept it for Sigri and on our return to Stykkishólmur that evening, we popped it into her pottery as a small token of our friendship and thanks for the lovely time we spent with her.

The next morning on our door step we found a beautiful pottery shell with a little thank you note attached.

Next week I will try to take a few more images of our beautiful pottery from Sigri.

Have a lovely weekend
Love Lizx