Thursday, 27 April 2017

Bedroom Makeover

Following on from my latest colour obsessions from last week, I have decided to start the colour changes in the bedroom. At the moment our bedroom looks like this and this (click to have a look!)

So as you can see (if you took a look) is all painted white so it's easy for me to change the colours - just change up the cover and curtains and voila! it's done. So here are a few of my thought and ideas - what do you think? .....

I love this throw from The Linen Work. It looks light, soft and because it's such a loose weave it looks timeless.......

This soft washed grey linen is beautiful. It looks cool and comfy, reminds me of well washed french farmhouse linen - perfect for waking up on a lazy Sunday morning - it can be found at Cox & Cox have loads of lovely cotton bed linen in loads of lovely washed out shades as well as some in organic ticking stripes ...... which are very tempting......

I found this lovely pink bedding in H&M but I'm not sure Andrew is going to be too thrilled with pink bedding so I'm probably going to have to go with the grey and stick with the odd subtle pink throw cushion! Although it is lovely - perhaps I'll get it and save it for when I'm home alone!!

Hope that provided some inspiration and ideas
Have a great day
Love Lizx

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