Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Grape Hyacinths

A perfect pot of bulbs for our windowsill.

I spied these grape hyacinth bulbs, just ready to flower, sat on a stall outside a little florist on Bathwick Hill - and when I saw the date on the pot - I just had to buy them, it was fate, it was my birthday year! I'm not one to worry about my age, not much we can do about it, so I'm not afraid to put it out there for all to see! I have friends who worry and fret that they are getting older etc etc.... In my mind if you get out and enjoy your life, be happy and content with what you have then you will stay 'young'.

I was with my parents this weekend, they are always out and about, off visiting places, taking trips and enjoying life - that to me they seem the same as they did 20, 30 years ago. So, I'm following their example and just getting on with life and enjoy it! In a few weeks time we are all off together for a trip to Iceland where they will both easily accompany Andrew and I on all our hikes, trips and plans whatever the weather or terrain.

But anyway, after my little 'how to stay young rant' (I didn't plan that to happen but as it did I'm leaving it in!!!) here are a few images of said hyacinths......

And just a few more ............. I can't believe how many I managed to take of just one pot of bulbs on a windowsill ....... I won't subject you to all of them.........

Have a lovely day
Love Lizx