Friday, 3 March 2017

Flapjacks - revisited

I'm revisiting one of my most popular recipes on the blog today. This simple flapjack recipe seems to have hit all the right notes with you guys - it's simple, quick and as healthy as you can get with a sweet treat.

Some of you like to add extras, I've been told about hazelnuts and chocolate chips, crystallised or dried fruits and one of you mentioned ginger and lemon ones for when you feel under the weather - I like that idea, biscuits to get you better - perfect!

As I said they are very easy to make and all store cupboard ingredients in the basic mix - so here's the recipe........

Recipe - makes 16 squares

150g soft brown sugar
225g butter (must be butter not margarine)
1 tablespoon honey
350g porridge oats
a few drops of vanilla essence

pre-heat oven 150C/ Gas 2

7" square butter baking tray 

Place the butter, honey and vanilla into a pan and melt together over a low heat. Stir occasionally to help speed up the process and combine the two.

Add the sugar when the butter starts to melt. Stir until the sugar dissolves but don't let it boil - you don't want toffee!!

Whilst your butter and sugars melt together you can weigh out your oats (and any other dry ingredients - my rule of thumb is a handful of any extras you want to add so approx 2oz)

When you all melted pour the liquid over the oats and start combining together with a wooden spoon - a wooden spoon doesn't improve the mixture it just feels right!

Once everything is coated tip into a buttered tin.

Spread the mixture evenly across the whole tray and then place in the preheated oven for 40-45 minutes until it has taken on a golden colour.

Lift from the oven and wait for a few minutes for it to start to cool, now score into squares or bars and then leave in the tin to cool completely. Once cool turn out of the tin and finish cutting into biscuits. I cut mine into small squares so I can have a little treat with my cup of tea when I get home from work - it gives me enough energy to get things done with the rest of my evening before supper.

Store in an air tight jar.

Hope you enjoyed the revisit.

Have a great weekend
Love Lizx