Monday, 27 February 2017


 Banana Pancakes

It's one of my favourites days tomorrow - Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day! I've always loved it from when I was a kid. I can remember running home from school looking forward to Mum making platefuls of the traditional pancakes. We would drench them in lemon juice and sugar, sometimes we would drizzle on golden syrup or warmed chocolate spread - I obviously had a much sweeter tooth when I was young!

Traditionally Shrove Tuesday was a time when fats, eggs and rich foods were used up before the fast of lent, which started on Ash Wednesday - and the pancake was a perfect way of doing this. Traditions have sprung up around the UK to mark this day on the Christian Calendar, such as pancake races, the church bells rung to herald the start of lent is known as the pancake bell and pancake tossing competitions. 


I wont be entering any races or competitions but I will make up a few pancakes. Tomorrow I will probably prepare a few to serve as the dessert- my nod to pancake day. I'm not sure what I will do but it will either be some small American style pancakes served with fruit such as this plum pancake or maybe some blueberry ones

I may plump for the Icelandic version of pancake, the Pönnukökur. We are about to head off to Iceland again in the new few weeks so being a bit obsessed with all things Icelandic I will probably make these and serve them with stewed apples.

Here's the Hotel Eggleson, in Stykkisholmur, where we ate Pönnukökur for the first time.


But if our main course tomorrow is filling, if I'm feeling the need of something slightly less rich I may decide to cook banana pancakes, these are lighter, contain no flour so gluten free and feel healthier!

 Banana Pancakes

So whether you choose to have a plateful of traditional British pancakes, or choose the french crepes, have fruit, sugar, butter or syrup, whatever you do enjoy them and try not to drop them on the floor or stick them to the ceiling when you toss them!

Have a great start to your week
Love Lizx