Friday, 13 January 2017

Macerated Strawberries with Orange Sugar

I was seduced by some punnets of rich red coloured strawberries when I went shopping last Saturday morning and decided that they would be good to serve with our lazy Sunday morning breakfast. Now I would not usually buy strawberries this time of year - they are usually flavourless and watery but these ones smelt amazing and I thought with a little help they might be pretty good.

Unless they are our wonderfully flavoured Tamar valley strawberries, I usually add a little sugar to chopped strawberries, leaving them to macerate for about 20 minutes to bring out the strawberry juices and I decided that I would do the same for these guys but I would also add a few extras - orange zest and a little gin - I know it was Sunday morning not the time for alcohol but, well actually I have no excuse except it tastes good!

Recipe - enough for 2

1 large punnet strawberries
1 tablespoon caster sugar
Zest half an orange
1 capful of gin - Cointreau or white run would work well - the alcohol is optional so don't feel you have to add.

First of all make up your sugar. You can do this way ahead of time and the longer your able to leave it the more the orange zest will flavour the sugar. Simply zest the orange into the sugar and gently rub/mix it together. Give it a shake and cover until needed.

If your going to wash the strawberries do so before you hull and chop them. This stops the strawberries becoming slimy and too 'wet'. Gently dry them off and then remove the stalks, hull if you wish and then slice.

Place them in a bowl and pour the over alcohol of choice, if your going to add it.

Next sprinkle over the sugar and gently fold into the strawberries, cover and leave to stand in a warm place for 20-30 minutes, don't leave for too long or your may end up with a strawberry mush! - if you do end up with a mush simply mash lightly with a fork and serve anyway. It will taste as good and everyone will think that was the plan!

Served with Ponnukokur (Icelandic pancakes), banana pancakes, waffles etc. They are also excellent with just cream or poured over a really good vanilla ice cream.

Hope you all have a great weekend
Love Lizx

 Strawberries with orange sugar