Friday, 20 January 2017

Kitchen Envy

It's very rare that the green eyed monster rears it's ugly head in my life, but at present I have to admit that I may be the teeny weeniest bit jealous. You see a friend of mine is getting a new kitchen and I mean 'a new kitchen!!'  - totally - I'm talking brand new everything. Floors, units, dishwasher, cooker ........everything. She's even throwing out all her old utensils, pots and pan.

I have spent the last few months listening to the planning stage and now it's all happening. Everything has been ripped out and new floors (thick blond oak apparently), ceiling (replastered and painted bleached linen white) and rewiring of light fittings (industial style wire design - whatever that is?) Next week will be the new walls, units and white goods.

I'm not really jealous, I love my eclectic kitchen. It has evolved with us, our house and family. 15 or so years ago Andrew build some beautiful oak units, just because we never got round to fitting the door catches doesn't stop them looking good and they function - I can put things in them. The walls have haphazard shelving sourced from vintage shops and Ikea, fitted as and when more were required and I have a number of butchers blocks and free standing units all dotted around. It works for us and that's all that matters............. however, it hasn't stopped me dreaming and browsing away ........ just in case one day I'm asked "Darling would like a brand new kitchen" ........ it's as well to be prepared........

So I'm thinking........

or maybe .......

However, as I looked through my 'dream kitchen pin board' I was struck with how 'unfitted kitchen person' I was; how I instinctively gravitated towards eclectic, cottage designs; how my want for comfortable, evolved design was greater than industrial type kitchens or designs that looked more suited to an operating theatre than somewhere where I could make a sticky cheese on toast, or sit and have a cup of tea with a biscuit, whilst reading a magazine and scratching the dog behind the ear!

So really what I'm saying is, I'm happy with my old, worn, cosy kitchen. It works for me and perhaps I should just get around to a declutter, spruce up with a bit of paint, replace that burnt out light bulb and maybe just fit those door catches! .......and I will discover that all is actually alright in my kitchen world!

If you fancy having a browse of my 'dream kitchen' images, 
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Have a lovely weekend
Love Lizx