Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Menu's and Table Settings - Christmas Day

The Christmas Day table is the one chance I get to go elegant and classy - and let me tell you me being elegant is a very rare occurrence, so I might as well really go for it on Christmas Day, get it over and done with for another year!

This year were going all white and silver, with rosemary stems to add a little greenery, and just 3 cranberries dropped into each champagne coupe to bring in a little festive red - all very subtle! I'm a real 'stick in the mud' when it comes to Christmas crackers and unless you pay silly money for them, they are always so cheap and tacky ......... and I hate wearing those paper hats!! So this year I've bought small gifts for each guest and coordinated the wrapping to the silver colour scheme - these gifts don't have to be expensive; packets of seeds for gardening grandparents, nail polish and lip gloss for teen girls, silly magic tricks and joke books for the boys and miniature single malts for the dads. Just something a little bit fun and less of a waste of money than the plastic gifts you usually get in the crackers.

So that's my 'bah humbug' moment over.........

I'm placing the gifts in small bowls along with a few silver christmas bables that will sit on the side of the napkin - easy to prepare before hand, simple and effective.

Time to discuss the menu........

We will go traditional for the main course - the full works of turkey, stuffing, bread sauce, roast potatoes etc. I'm not going to go through my recipes for that - it's much the same as everyone else's so if your looking for turkey cooking times and what to serve with what, check out  Delia's, Jamie's or Nigel's online guides.

So we will start with oysters - my favourite of all starters and the best thing about it is Andrew will prepare and cook them, so that's part of the meal I don't have to think about!

Along with sprouts, carrots and swede we will also have red cabbage. I'm going to serve this braised with apple and juniper berry's - which I think helps cut through the richness of the rest of the meal.

And finally, if there is room in the tummy, then it's the turn of the pudding, we will have traditional Christmas pud, it will be flamed at the table and served with brandy sauce, Cornish clotted cream etc but I have a number of people who don't like Christmas pud so a hazelnut pavlova will be the other pudding option along with a cheeseboard of local cheeses for those without a sweet tooth!

And then it's brandy and washing up time - followed by feet up to watch the Queen's speech and then maybe we will all go out and take the dog for a walk - maybe.........

So that's the plan for our Christmas day table - hopefully it will all live up to expectations!

Have a lovely day
Love Lizx