Friday, 23 December 2016

Menu's and Table Settings - Boxing Day

Boxing day I always feel is a more fun and relaxed day. In our family it's an easy late morning brunch followed by outdoor activity and then a roast of some sort late afternoon. When I was a child it would be off to Granny's for roast duck, the best ever roast potatoes and all served with apple sauce.

This year we will be off to my parents for roast pork, served with the best roast potatoes (I have to say that or someone will be upset!) and of course apple sauce - homemade by Dad - that's the apple sauce not the whole meal - that's down to Mum! Dads always in charge of the accompaniments for the table - he makes up the mustard's, sauces, fills the salt and pepper mills and then decants the sauces all into small serving dishes, each with their own little spoons and ladles - these tiny dishes have graced our Sunday lunch and special celebration tables for as long as I can remember - they were either a wedding present for my parents or a family heirloom - I must find out!

But back to our boxing day brunch.

I like to set the table for this meal as well - but I make it less formal and more relaxed. This year we have a blue and red theme - thanks to the beautiful napkins I was given last year. For the central decoration I have decided on a river of cranberry's spilling out of port glasses and scrabble tiles will spell out our names for the place settings - all in homage to the traditional games played on boxing day and the drinking - in some cases spilling - of port.

So here's my planned brunch menu .......

To start we will be having boiled eggs with a little bit extra - there will still be buttered toast solders but I'm adding steamed asparagus and a hollandaise butter. All easy and the butter can be prepared ahead of time.

Then I'm going to gather up all yesterdays leftovers - any cold roast potatoes, parsnips, sprouts, cabbage etc along with leftover bread sauce and stuffing. I will chop it all up and make a great big dish of bubble and squeak.  Serve with slices of cold ham and accompanied by smooth English mustard or some honey whole grain.

All washed down with a glass of fruit juice, maybe add some champagne for a mimosa or two, and pots of hot tea or freshly ground coffee.

I wont be back again now until it's all over.

So Happy Christmas to all

eat, be merry and laugh to excess

Love Lizx