Thursday, 22 December 2016

And that's a wrap!

Last Christmas I got myself into a bit of a pickle wrapping up really odd shaped presents - the gifts didn't look as 'fancy' and pretty as I had imagined and that got me a bit annoyed - I'd chosen lovely ribbons, coloured and co-ordinated paper, matching labels and ties and had ended up with a bit of a mess.

''Next year'' I thought, as I struggled with a particularly tricky object ''everyone's getting simple square gifts - like books or boxes of chocolates!''

I thought about collecting and keeping boxes - these I could to pop the gifts in side to make for easier wrapping - but storage in a small cottage isn't easy, so instead I have been saving some of the paper carrier bags you get given in some shops. I've only save ones plain ones or just the ones with small, simple logo's from independent boutiques. These I started saving at the beginning of the year and I had amassed quite a collection by december!

So my wrapping this year was easy. Armed with shredded and sheets of tissue, to put in the bag with the presents, lots of ribbon, string and labels to tie it all up. I was ready to do battle and felt more hopeful for my results this year!

I simply wrapped any clothes and book gifts in coloured tissue paper, then placed them in the bag and nestled odd shaped gifts  into the bag already filled with the shredded tissue paper. Then I fold over the top, secure with a little tape and then wound some ribbon or string around to keep it all together.

I've used a few unusual things for labels - angle cookie cutters, candy cane and tree decorations been a few of them, along with brown luggage labels and a few leftover Christmas cards. Because it was so easy to just pop the present in the bag, I had more time to 'dress' the present, write labels and ink print up some of the bags to personalise them.

It all made for a much more enjoyable packing and wrapping experience this year! PHEW!!!

Love Lizx