Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Advent Decorations

This year advent will look much like last year in our house. Usually I try come up with different ways to celebrate the count down to Christmas, but this year we will be dividing our December between various locations and making sure I cart advent calenders, gifts or big candles around with us is asking a bit too much - especially if I'm to travel some of the journeys by train!

So this year it's my little enamel pots I located in Denmark, pillar candles and maybe a few sprigs of fir tree.

Over the past few years I have had various ideas. Here are a couple for inspiration - if you needed it.......

 advent parcels

A few years ago I made up little parcels of gifts or sweets for each day. You can leave them piled into a basket or you can string them up the stairwell or hang on a tree.

 Nightlight Advent

This was one of my favourites - I numbered up loads of nightlights, scented the wax and we burnt one each evening.


Whatever you decide to do and how you decide to celebrate, have a peaceful start to your advent.
Love Lizx