Thursday, 15 September 2016

Kitchen Beauty

I was reading a magazine in a waiting room the other day - Cosmo I think - and there was an article all about natural beauty products, ones that don't contain mircobeads, are not tested on animals and only used natural ingredient, lots of really posh pot that carry very expensive prices  -  which got me thinking about all the stuff I use straight from the kitchen - not out of a pot, sachet or tube but straight from the plant.

Now, I have plenty of beauty products and makeup stacked up in the bathroom, miracle creams and polishes all promising perpetual youth, but to be perfectly honest I get the same results from whipping up a homemade scrub or mask - sometimes from what I'm having for supper. For example yesterday I had avocado - I put a little aside, mashed it up and slap it on my face - a perfect five minute face mask. Obviously, I did this after supper, not whilst I was preparing or eating!

Cucumber slices can be rested on tired eyes, and if your making a tzatziki then save the drained cucumber liquid and it makes a brilliant face toner and rinse.

Have you noticed that the yogurt stuck on the newly open lid is thicker and richer than the stuff in the pot? don't throw it away it makes a wonderful face pack leaving your skin feeling exfoliated, moisturised and really, really healthy.

Wow, writing all this down I've realised there are many things that I do - runny honey, egg yolks or oatmeal as a face mask, ground almonds with a little oil make a skin scrub, oatmeal in the bath, a lemon juice or chamomile tea rinse for summer hair, coconut oil for a night cream - the list goes on and on.........

But the one simple thing I absolutely swear by is my olive oil and soft brown sugar scrub.

 This stuff is amazing, I always have these two ingredients in the house - they are a staple in our cooking, so it's easy for me to prep it when I want it.

It's brilliant for every skin need - you just alter the ratio of sugar to oil depending on your needs. For example a 70/30 sugar to oil mix is a perfect lip exfoliate especially for wind chapped lips: 75/25 is a good rub for feet and ankles; a 50/50 is great for legs, knees and elbow; a 30/70 is perfect for the face etc etc. I get a little eczema and this doesn't irritate my skin at all.

All I do is treat the area that needs sorting, don't over rub, and then shower or wipe off with tepid water. The sugar dissolves away leaving the skin beautifully moisturised, thanks to the olive oil and feeling smooth, not irritated. I only need to do this every few weeks to keep my skin feeling healthy and glowing.

You can adjust the ratio to suit you each time, you know it hasn't anything nasty in it and its simple, cheap and healthy to you and the planet!

Some of my friends also started using this scrub and love it although one has taken a step to far in my opinion! She puts Hellmann's mayonnaise straight from the jar on to her face and hair!!!!

I think I will keep ours in the jar and save mine for the salad.........

Have a great day
Love Lizx