Thursday, 29 September 2016

Herbed Crispy Fried Eggs

So yes ....... OK I'm going to fry an egg ........ and tell you about it........ way to go Liz such a great idea for a recipe blogger!!!!!!

But in my defence, this is not just your average fried egg on toast! this is the ultimate fried egg - it crispy on the bottom, it's buttery and flavoured with fresh thyme and chilli! - what more do you need - just perfect!

One of my favourite lunch time snacks, when I'm working at home, is an egg on toast - be it either fried, poached or scrambled and served with copious amounts of tomato sauce. A few weeks ago I decided to ring the changes - still having the egg, but this time frying it and dressing with a spicy herbed butter just before placing on the toast.

And it was heavenly, really, really good - so I thought lets make it again and this time take a picture and share!

So what did I do?

First I made up the butter dressing. Simply melt a knob of butter in a small pan - approx tablespoon of butter - when it starts to melt add a large pinch chilli flakes, about 1 teaspoon fresh thyme leaves, a good grinding of black pepper and a pinch sea salt. Allow the butter to foam and then remove from the heat and set aside until the eggs are cooked.

If you going to serve this on toast get slicing - I used cornbread but sourdough work as well - pop in to toast to cook whilst you fry your eggs.

Crack the eggs into a hot pan and fry in either butter or olive oil - my preference is olive oil - now here's the trick - cover the pan! This allows the base to crisp but keeps the egg yolks soft and runny - it will only take a few minutes to cook - don't over do it or your egg yolk will set.

Place the eggs on the toast (buttered if you wish) and spoon over the warm herb dressing - serve immediately - with tomato sauce if you must ..................................... and I must!

Have a great day
Love Lizx