Friday, 23 September 2016

Apple Day

The valley we live in is famous for its apples. Before we had the ability to transport fruit and veg from all over the world, our Tamar Valley apples were much prized by the markets in London and special 'fruit trains' were sent up to the capital each week. The legacy of that era can still be seen (and tasted!) dotted all over the valley are aging fruit orchards and knarled apple trees, every garden seems to have at least one variety and at the moment all heavy with fruit. Our apple trees are not exception and the sound of the occasional falling apple thumping to the ground is a reminder that I must take time to pick some this weekend.

To celebrate all this fruit, a big 'Apple Day' event is held every year in the valley. It takes place at Cotehele Manor House - a large Tudor house situated a few miles from our house and is now owned by the National Trust - many varieties of apples are gathered and locals are encouraged to bring along baskets of their own apples to help feed the giant cider press - if you bring along a basket of apples you can take away bottles of freshly pressed juice to drink there and then or make into cider. It's all great fun and there are usually lots of apple related games and crafts to take part in. As well as the orchards and gardens to walk around. This year I won't be taking basket of fruit, I've decided to make chutneys, jellies, dry some apple rings and fill the freezer to make pies and crumbles throughout the winter.

We don't all have a giant apple press to turn our fruit into juice so here are a few of my favorite apple recipes ........

The classic and best loved autumnal pudding is blackberry and apple crumble which jus has to be served with custard!

If you're looking for something a little more healthier then this spicy fruity coleslaw is just the thing. It's perfect with cold meats especially pork.

In this recipe cider and apples are combined with thyme and onions to make a beautiful cooking sauce for Normandy chicken.

And finally, if you're a more organized person than me, why not start to get ready for Christmas by making your mincemeat. This recipe from my mum uses the lovely big brambley apples.

That's it from me this week, hope you have a great weekend
Love Lizx