Thursday, 4 August 2016

Pan Seared Cod with Tomatoes

Simply searing skinless fillets or steaks of white fish keeps them succulent and tender. It's the perfect way to cook any white fish such as halibut, coley or in this case, cod - in fact I cook most of my fish this way.

Last nights supper was a little fillet of cod and a need to use up loads of fresh tomatoes. I really, really did need to use some up -  I'm home by myself this week, with about a tonne of fresh ripe tomatoes for company and many more being added every day - I'm picking every evening to add to the hoard, so this weekend I may well be making loads of fresh tomato sauce to freeze. Please don't let me get started on the green beans ......... hundreds of them ...........

This was one of my recipes that evolved as I cook - the best way to cook in my opinion!

Recipe - enough for two

2 large cod fillets - each cut into thirds
4oz fresh tomatoes - chopped into quarters
1 large onion
large knob butter - about a tablespoon maybe a little more
half a glass white wine
half teaspoon bouillon powder
a little water.
salt and pepper
fresh sprigs thyme

This is a two non-stick pan dish. So if you only have the one sear the cod first, top side down, in a little butter and then set aside until needed later in the recipe.

Chop the onion into a small dice, add a little olive oil to the pan and cook the onions over a low heat until they start to soften but not colour.

Once the onions have softened add the chopped tomatoes - you can peel and remove the seeds if you wish, these were fresh, small and sweet so I didn't feel the need to fiddle around with that.

Once the tomatoes had been in the pan a few minutes I increased the heat and added the wine. The increased heat forces the wine to boil thus removing the bitter alcohol flavour. Add the bouillon powder and half the butter. If too much liquid has evaporated add a little water - you want the liquid to cover the base of the pan by about half a cm. Add a couple of sprigs of thyme. Lower the heat and leave it to bubble away gently whilst you sear the cod.

Grab another non-stick pan and add half of the butter. Place over a medium to high heat. When the butter has melted and started to foam lay the cod pieces, top side down, into the butter and sear for just a few minutes until the flesh starts to colour.

Flip the fish over and then transfer to the pan with the tomatoes and onions. Nestle the fish down into the sauce and cover the pan so the cod poaches and steams in the liquid. This will take only a few minutes. Once the fish is done  (it will be firm but springy to the touch) transfer to a warm plate and cover to keep hot, turn up the heat under the pan and let the liquid evaporate so only a little is left in the pan. Add a little more butter to make a glossy sauce and season with salt and pepper.

Serve on warm plates with a sprig of thyme. I had mine with runner beans and new potatoes but rice would be just as good.

Have a great day - here's the printable if you so desire

Love Lizx

 Pan seared cod with tomatoes