Monday, 15 August 2016

No Churn Lemon Yogurt Ice Cream

According to our weather forecasters, this week the temperatures here are meant to reach very high 20's and maybe even 30's in parts of the UK which, compared with the last few months of summer in this country, is positively tropical ......... So in readiness for this unlikely event, here's my recipe for no churn yogurt ice cream - is it a frozen yogurt? is it ice cream? it's neither and both! A combination of cream and yogurt that give you a light, refreshing frozen dessert.

And it's so, so easy .......

Recipe - 16 - 20 servings approx

600ml double cream
600ml full fat natural yogurt
4 lemons - juice and finely grated zest
700g caster sugar
600ml milk

Thins slices of lemon to decorate - optional

(if you don't want to make too much you can half this recipe)

As I've already said this is so easy and quick to prepare.

Simply whisk the cream into soft peaks and fold in all the rest of the ingredients - making sure they are well combined. 

Pour into 2 large tubs and freeze - you will probably need 2 x 2 ltr tubs - leave to freeze for at least 6 hour or overnight until firm.

Remove from the freezer and break up into chunks. Place in a food processor and blend until smooth and creamy (see the picture above) Return to the tubs and keep in the freezer until needed.

I froze half back in the tub and the rest I divided between muffin cases for lovely, easy serving at a barbecue.

Decorate with thin slices of lemon on the top are quick and very easy to do. Candied lemon slices also look good!

Have a great week - and lets hope the sun does shine and the temperatures do rise!
Love Lizx

 No Churn Ice cream