Friday, 15 July 2016

Watermelon Ices

Now that the summer is here in the UK ( ah ha ha haaaa....... manic laughter as she look for the sun through the wet, grey, cloudy sky!!!!!) I thought it would be fun to make up some iced fruit lollies - but adult versions! Watermelon slices look stunning and I had the idea of soaking them in alcohol, sticking them on a wooden popsicle and freezing them - wow - served on a tray of ice with some fresh mint leaves and lime wedges, they make a brilliant and fun cocktail for a summer barbecue.

Really easy to do just cut a watermelon into wedges (some supermarkets sell them already cut), de-seed and make a slit in the rind for the stick.

Now make up an alcoholic marinade - I've tried a few mixes ......

i)  a shot or two of white rum, a few crushed mint leaves and juice of a lime,

ii) a few shots of tequila

iii) dark spiced rum with a shot of ginger syrup

all are really good........

Leave them to soak for a few hours. Then pop the stick in and lay on sheets of non-stick paper, spaced well apart and freeze for about 4 hours.

You can make 'virgin' ones for kiddies and those who are avoiding alcohol. Either freeze freshly cut slices or you can soak them in sweetend lime juice, diluted elderflower cordial or just apple or grape juice.

Once they are all frozen and lovely, serve them on a tray of ice cubes with fresh lime wedges and mint leaves.

Cheers - hopefully you will have a sunny and hot weekend where you can enjoy ices in the garden.

I would show you a picture of the lovely july weather outside my office window but it's all just too depressing!

Have a great weekend
Love Lizx