Friday, 22 July 2016

The first of the Runner Beans

A few days ago we harvested our first pick of runner beans - and the first bowl of hot buttered beans is my favourite! I could easily eat a bowl of just boiled beans, tossed in butter with a little salt and pepper.

We have planted a row of runner beans all along the side of Andrew's workshop, the idea was that they would get watered via the run off from the roof - however, so far this year we have had either torrential rain or nothing for days - certainly not those gentle warm rain showers I was imagining when we planted them! So we spend most evenings either earthing the beans back up again -thanks to that torrential rain exposing their roots, or standing there watering the poor dry things! It's all or nothing this summer!

But our care has paid off and we now have rows of plants all bearing beans.....

The first few pickings always get treated the same - with them being so young and fresh they don't need any trimming to remove stringy veins. I just slice them on the diagonal, throw into a pot of boiling water and cook for just a few minutes until tender. Drain and add butter, salt and pepper.

Later on I may serve them for lunch with a poached egg on top, maybe with a bit of ham or bacon. We will have them as a side dish to meat and fish. Sometimes with some parmesan on top and then as the summer draws to an end we will pick the last few crops and turn them into a relish for cold meat and cheeses during the winter.

Have a happy and healthy weekend
Love Lizx