Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Around the House - the bedroom

I've been 'home alone' for the last few days so the house is looking especially clean and tidy. Everything is where it should be, the floors are vacuumed and stay clean, there is no washing up in the sink, the milks in the fridge, the washing is in the washing basket and everywhere looks lovely.

              ............. and the bedroom is looking all summery, feminine and bright.

So much so in fact that after making the bed this morning, I grabbed my camera and snapped off a few pictures before I headed to work.

My bestest friend in all the world 

see - a nearly empty washing basket with the washing in it!!!!

All is pretty ........

And the bed - layers of fluffy feather duvet, pile of pillows arranged just so, and brilliant white sheets pulled as tight as a drum - just about perfect!

But the house is ever so quiet - so hurry home.....

Lots of love