Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Apricot Photoshoot

I always seem to take hundreds of pictures for just one blog post and most of them seem to look the same! ....... I'm sure ....... no I know!  that it's due to having a digital camera! Once upon a time when I only had 24 or 36 shots available per film roll, I would carefully arrange and frame each shot, but now I can just hold down the trigger and shoot away.......

....... which I do with gay abandon!

Now, the problem comes, when I only use on average 5 or 6 pictures per post - so that leaves me with loads and loads, maybe hundreds and thousands of good but unused images - can I delete them? - yes! will I delete them? - no! I have folders and folders of archived images on my computer, which one day I will sort - hmmm.......but not this day........

So, I decided last night, that I should show you some of the images I spent time editing, framing and generally played around with, but in the end discarding, for Monday's post .......

And it's so, so hot already in my office this morning, that I really don't want to stay here too long! or write about food for that matter - when all I want is an ice lolly and a cool drink!

Hope you enjoyed them

Have a great day
love Lizx