Monday, 13 June 2016

Sauteed Radish

Big bunches of radish are now appearing in the vegetable sections of our local supermarkets- and I seem to have to buy a bunch every time I wander in - This makes for a lot of radish lounging around in our fridge! even munching on a few, whist preparing a salad can only use up so many. So........what to do with the rest? Well ............saute them that's what!

I read about a simple recipe for this, in an old french farm house cookery book, years and years ago but I've never got around to giving it a go. So last week I did and I 'm so glad it was very good - really tasty and nice to have a new addition to the usual side dishes.

It's really easy to do, the radish keep most of their colour, they keep their spicy flavour - even though the cooking mellows it slightly, and although they soften up they still offer a crunch when you bite into them.

Just remove the stalks from the radish - I left about half a cm for aesthetic purposes, give them a good wash to remove any mud and sand. Cut them in half and pop them in a shallow pan with a large knob of butter. I kept the root on, you can cut it off if you wish.

Set over a medium heat to cook.

Shake the pan for a couple of minutes and then arrange the radish cut-side down so they start to colour. Keep the pan moving. Once they have coloured on the cut-side flip them over and let them colour a little on their skins. Should take a maximum of 10 to cook through.

Season with salt and pepper and serve. Next time I prepare these I might make a few additions - maybe some chopped onion, garlic or bacon, a few herbs such as thyme or tarragon, or maybe just stir in a few baby spinach leave at the end of cooking to wilt ..... I will see how I feel at the time!

A very simple side dish that goes well with fish and chicken dishes - I served mine with a little pan-fried cod, although in my french book they ate them with spit roast rabbit!

Have a good start to your week
Love Lizx