Thursday, 30 June 2016

Ice Cream

 I've been toying with the idea of making ice cream again.

 I used to make it all the time. When I didn't have to worry about the size of my hips and bum!!!

We had one of those freeze and churn tubs which made my arm ache, so I bought an electric one that did it all for me - just freeze, plug and churn - but my ex-husband took that in the divorce - I got the cat!

He was called 'Monty' - the cat not my ex - he was as furry as anything - again, the cat not my ex - and he had not tail - again ...........
(he wasn't a Manx cat he just lost a fight with a motorbike when he was a kitten!)

So recently I've been looking at these new fancy ice cream makers, however, I would need to eat a lot ...... and I mean a lot ..... to justify spending the money. I will probably just get the ice cream making attachment for my mixer.

Whilst I have been deciding on mixers, makers and beaters. I have also been browsing recipes and pictures of ice cream ........Lot's and Lot's of ice cream......

And I've made a folder of my favourites ......

So if, like me, you fancy having a go or just want to read a recipes and look at very pretty pictures have a look at my board for inspiration....... all these recipe/picture links are there.

Have a great day
Love Lizx