Thursday, 23 June 2016

Crayfish Tail Flatbread

 Is this a pizza, is it a wrap or is it an open sandwich - who know - but I'm calling it a flatbread! Even though no flatbread is used in this there you have it definitive proof that my naming of recipes is starting to go abit awry!

Anyway, back to the dish in question ....... we had something very similar to this when we were out for lunch recently, it was a combination of langoustine and roasted fennel and since then I've been wanting to try my own take on it. However, it's not easy getting langoustine at the moment in Cornwall. You can buy them frozen or have to order them in if you want them fresh. I'm not always that organized so I decided to look for an alternative. Crayfish tails are becoming quite common in our supermarkets now. They are a smaller, freshwater cousin of the lobster so I decided that would be a suitable alternative and thought rocket would accompany it well instead of the roasted fennel. With a chilli aioli and lots of garlic butter it was perfect.

Recipe - enough for two -

4 plain wraps - medium or small size the really large are just too big
3 cloves of garlic - crushed
2 tablespoons mayonnaise
A tiny squirt tomato sauce
Juice of a lime
2 teaspoon chilli sauce - I used flying goose sriracha
60g butter
30g flaked almonds
Large handfuls rocket - washed and thoroughly dried
120g packet crayfish tails
Sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper

First off dry toast the almond flakes in a pan or under the grill until just browned. This takes no time at all so - DON'T LEAVE THEM!!!! I speak from experience! Don't answer the phone, talk to the cat or look away once! Keep giving the pan a shake whilst they are toasting. When done remove from the pan onto a cold plate to cool.

Next make up your aioli. Place the mayonnaise in a bowl, add a tiny squirt of tomato sauce along with the chilli sauce. Mix together and then add a little of the lime juice. Season to taste.

Now you need to work quickly for the next bits....... you need to get your flatbreads warmed and your crayfish cooked at the same time - otherwise things get cold or over cooked. The best way to achieve this is to have your griddle and pans heating at the same time and work on both together.

Grab a non-stick pan and heat up a little of the butter. Once bubbling add the crayfish and the garlic. Give it all a shake to coat the crayfish. Cook quickly over a medium heat and don't over cook or the crayfish will become tough and rubbery. Squeeze some lime juice over and season.

Heat up a heavy based pan or griddle and lay a wrap on to heat through. Once heated (just a few minutes) remove and add a second wrap. Smear this wrap (the one now on the griddle) with a layer of butter and then add half a clove of crushed garlic. Spread it around so it's evenly distributed and sprinkle with a pinch of salt and a little black pepper. Lay the first warmed wrap over the top to form a garlic butter sandwich and flip it all over so that the hot bottom now becomes the top!

Spread a good dollop of the chilli aioli over the top. Lower the heat to keep it all warm - but don't burn the bottom.

Now you can assemble the topping.

Toss the rocket in the remaining lime juice and pile on the top of the aioli. Spoon over the crayfish tails and dot with more aioli if you wish. Sprinkle on the almond and a good seasoning of cracked black pepper and it's done.

Serve immediately with a chilled white wine or a good IPA - Brew Dogs Punk IPA is excellent with it! A tomato Salad goes well with this if you want to add more to your meal.

Have a great day
Love Lizx

 Crayfish Tail Flatbread