Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Cod in Green Sauce

In a bid to bring more fish into our diet, we eat loads of shellfish and salmon but not much else, I have been buying fillets of cod and haddock. I'm trying to come up with healthier options than frying in butter or batter. So this is my latest recipe. It's cod that's been shallow fried in olive oil - just to colour - and then poached in a green sauce. The sauce is rather robust - made with parsley, capers, shallots and green chilli - along with a little wine. I served it on a bed of grilled black pudding - just to appease the meat eaters in the house!

recipe - enough for 2

2 large cod or coley fillets - cut into thirds
a large-ish bunch of parsley - approx handful
2 shallots
3 spring onions
1 clove garlic
a couple of cornichons
a heaped teaspoon capers
1 green chilli - de-seeded
Half glass white wine
a teaspoon bouillon powder
a little boiling water - max coffee cup full
salt and pepper
a lemon to finish

rings of black pudding to serve along with some boiled new potatoes

Remove the stalks from the parsley and place into a food processor. Add the spring onions, the capers, cornichons, peeled garlic clove and chilli.

Give it all a good whizz to chop - but don't chop up too fine. If you need to loosen it slightly add a teaspoon of cold water.

Dice your shallots and shallow fry in a little olive oil to soft but not coloured. Remove the shallots from the pan and add a little more oil. Bring the olive oil to a shimmering heat and lay the cod - upper face down - into the oil. Fry quickly just to add a little colour and then remove from the pan.

Pour out an excess oil and place your onions back in the pan. Bring to a medium heat and add the chopped herbs. Cook for a few minutes then increase the heat. Pour in the wine and let it bubble and hiss - this burns off the bitter alcohol taste. Reduce the heat add the bouillon powder and a little boiling water to make a sauce that will cover the base of the pan.

Lay your cod steaks on top of the sauce, reduce the heat to a gentle simmer and cover.

Cook for approx five minutes - or until the fish has started to flake.

Whilst the fish is cooking you can grill your black pudding and boil your potatoes.

once the fish is done to your liking remove and season the sauce with a little salt and black pepper. Increase the heat to thicken the sauce - stirring all the time - and your ready to serve.

Place the rings of black pudding on a warm plate. Lay the cod over the top and then spoon a little sauce over the fish. Serve immediately so it all stays good and hot!

Have a lovely day
Love Lizx

 Cod In Green Sauce