Thursday, 19 May 2016

Envie de Sucre

I am being heavily influenced by all things french at the moment - I think I'm pining for a quick trip across the channel - I need to top up my joie de vivre. I want to sit outside a cafe, sip a strong espresso or red wine and watch the world go by - I could do that here in Britain, but in France it feels different - more sophisticated, chic and grown up!

I'm also attempting to cut down on my sugar content each day -ugh!

During the week I have started to say 'no' to biscuits and cakes on offer at work - which is a great sacrifice for me - especially as my office overlooks a bakery!

But all these french thoughts and lack of sugar is making me crave macaroons!

So, in order to exorcise my cravings,  I'm indulging my fantasy of biting into that crisp sugary crust to the soft centre and gooey cream, by browsing beautiful images instead! Not sure it's going to work.....

I love all the colours, flavours and fancies they come in ............

It's not working.....

I'm going to have to pop out of the office, head for the little coffee shop and a strong espresso to help quash those sweet thoughts and indulge my french dreams - if it's not raining I might even sit outside at the pavement table and pretend I'm at my favourite cafe.....I might even hum a little Edith Piaf!

Love Lizx