Wednesday, 25 May 2016


I have joined forces with EatCleanTea to come up with a few creative ideas for their matcha green teas. Over the last few weeks I have been mixing and tasting away and I think I have come up with three new ingenious recipes for using the EatCleanTea. They are all perfect recipes for the summer and are packed with healthy energising ingredients that taste so good you just can believe it's all so healthy for you.

This tea is grown in Japan as green tea leaves, they are handpicked and then stoneground into a fine powder call matcha. Thanks to some studies, by some cleaver people at the University of Geneva, these teas were found to be a powerful source of antioxidant with 137 times the normal amount found in green tea, they also found that these matcha tea improve your skin, help the body fight disease, had fat burning properties and give your energy a longer lasting boost than your daily cup of coffee! So all in all it a rather good thing to add to your diet.

To make things a little more interesting I have combined their ginger matcha tea with a few additional ingredients - take a look at what I have created with.......

First up I made a refreshing lassi drink. Here I combined natural yogurt with a couple of oranges, added a some of spoons of matcha powder, a little honey, a pinch of cinnamon and gave it all a good blitz in the blender. Garnished with some mint leaves it makes for a wonderful refreshing drink.

here's the recipe

 Orange and Green Tea Lassi

I then got a bit creative and decided, as I had loads of yogurt in the fridge, I would have a go at a frozen yogurt. With lemon zest and ginger chunks added, along with some matcha powder and honey it was truly delicious.

 Frozen Yogurt

And finally just to round the day off I decided to have a go at a cocktail. A watermelon and ginger cocktail was not only beautiful to look at, it tasted darn good and could be alcoholic or not depending on how much you really, really needed that drink!

 Watermelon and Ginger Cocktail

I hope that I have inspired you to try some EatCleanTea, all of their tea flavours could be used in any of these recipes or you could come up with a few flavour combinations of your own. Let me know how you get on.

Have a great day and keep healthy
Love Lizx