Thursday, 12 May 2016


Our garden has turned blue whilst we were away. There are bluebells and forget-me-nots everywhere.
I didn't do much weeding last year and the forget-me-nots have self seeded all over the garden  - they look beautiful so maybe I have a new excuse for not weeding diligently anymore!

There is such a profusion of flowers that I brought a few into the house with - in the form of a small bunch of bluebells .......... I tried to be arty and chic - arrange them to form a tableau on the dresser ....... but ended up just plonking them in a glass vase and popped them on the coffee table ...... they still look good and the scent when I get home from work is gorgeous. I enjoy them when having my coffee.

I couldn't arrange them but I could photograph them ......... here are a few of my pictures ...... I hope you enjoy them.......

Have a lovely day - get out and pick a few flowers....
Love Lizx