Monday, 25 April 2016

Marinated Lamb Chops

These lamb chops are a very quick and tasty mid-week meal. I had them last week for my supper one night and they were finger licking, lip smacking good!

As always during the week, I needed a quick but tasty,healthy meal just for one and this fitted the bill. I bought some lamb chops on my way home and was thinking up a marinade, in the car, whilst driving back...... I was watching the road as well, and singing along to the radio - I'm a woman, I can multitask!

As soon as I got in I popped the chops in a freezer bag and added a crushed clove of garlic, juice of a lime, a pinch of ground cumin, some torn coriander leaves and a teaspoon of mint sauce. I thew in the shells of the limes as well for good measure, gave it all a good shake to coat everything, sealed the bag and left  in the fridge to marinade for a good three hours - I eat late in this house!

When I was ready to eat I heated up the griddle to a high temperature, seasoned the chops and cooked them for a few minutes each side - I like my chops pink so only cook them a short time you can cook them for a few minutes longer it you wish. Let the chops rest for a few minutes and serve with a salad. I had my lime slaw with it - lovely!