Friday, 29 April 2016

Breakfast Cereal Flapjack

I make flapjack all the time. It's quick to make, filling and because I make it with honey and cut down on the butter is relatively healthy too. I like to have a small square when I get in from work, I find it keeps my energy levels up and gives me enough 'get up and go' to do some exercise in the evenings - along with my usual jobs around the house.

Earlier this week I changed up my usual recipe and substitute half the porridge oats for my homemade granola - this version of granola has large raisins and cranberries - the results were so good I made up a few more to show you and for good measure, coated them in a little white chocolate just to make them look a little more photogenic and yummy!

I'm not going to bore you and write out the recipe and go through it all with you again - it's all here

Just remember to substitute half the porridge oats with granola - homemade or shop bought whichever will be fine!

And if you really want to go the 'whole hog' melt up a bowl of chocolate and dip them in it!

Have a great weekend
Love Lizx