Friday, 18 March 2016

City Break Packing

I'm off on the train, again today, to spend the weekend visiting my husband in the city of Bath.

This has become a regular trip for me over the last 12 months, and therefore, I have honed my packing skills to a fine art. When I first started visiting I would tow behind a large enormous gargantuan travel bag - seriously you could have shoved a medium sized child in there! -  full of half my wardrobe plus a bit more just in case! Most would remain folded neatly in the 'trunk' for me to cart back  and re-hang on my return home! We would both spend the weekend falling over or trying to 'live' around my suitcases in a small city flat!!

I quickly realized that just a few carefully selected items could get me comfortably through most situations be it shopping, going out for evening meals, trips to the theaters or visiting with friends. It was just a case of having a neutrel palette and then dressing it up with a few well chosen accessories. I could easily go from day 'shopping' wear to evening 'out' just by changing my boots and adding a fancy necklace and some brighter lipstick!

Now I can put everything into a simple, small carry-on - which is quicker to pack, takes up less room in the flat, I can manoeuvre/carry it easily on the train and it's simplifies the 'getting ready routine' - because I have less choice.......!!! this last one makes my husband very happy!!

My main thing is I have a simple travel outfit - I now always wear this - Black!
Black jean, a loose but well cut, black top, a black leather biker jacket and comfortable, black boots. I always feel smart, tidy and 'chic', it stays clean, it's hard wearing and it doesn't crease. I always make sure a cardigan is on the top of my case so I can throw that on, under my jacket, if it's a bit chilly. And if we're going out as soon as I arrive at the station in Bath (I usually arrive in the evening) - I'm good to go!

In additions to what I'm wearing, I pack a second pair of jeans and a pair of trainers. The black jeans I wear in the evening - they can be easily dressed up with the right top, and keep the blue jeans as casual.

This selection of tops can get me through everything, so along with my black,silk vest top, I pack a longsleeve Breton top, a grey v-neck t-shirt, a warm merino roll neck jumper and a long chunky cardigan. Layering is the key and, as I said before, with the right jewelry or scarf you can dress it up if need be.

I always have my sunnies, a nice scarf that will go with all packed items, a black leather tote - perfect to stuff shopping in etc but also smart enough for an evening bag, and a signature/accent necklace.

So, along with the usual makeup/wash bag, underwear, socks etc that's my packing list and as long as I've got a book or my kindle I'm good to go - and I can always buy an extra item of clothing if need be - if I get taken anywhere really posh - hint hint!!!

Have a great weekend
Love Lizx

All the sketches are by one of my favorite fashion illustrators Garance Dore, she has her own website, blog and online store where you can purchase prints of her drawings. Here's her link.......

 Garance Dore