Tuesday, 16 February 2016

And I still lick the spoon!

Over the weekend we started to work our way through stacks of old photo albums - we were searching for a specific picture ( I won't bore you on the what fors and the whys of that), but tucked into the back of a book of old holiday snaps, we came across this one. 

And it is irrefutable proof that I started my raw-cake-mix eating whilst very young.

It appears to show me "helping" to make a cake, probably my brothers christening cake, judging by the stork in the foreground - so that would make me around two and a half years old - I'm guessing it was taken by my Grandad who was a keen photographer - I love it. 

We've scanned the image and are planning on getting a larger print made that can be hung in the kitchen - just to prove that I have always loved to cook.......and apparently I still get that look when I'm caught licking off the spoon!!!!

Have a great day
Love Lizx