Thursday, 4 February 2016

A Sping time Bouquet

When I'm not sure what gift to give friends I usually opt for something homemade. A box of home made sweets, treats or biscuits, maybe a basket of muffins or even a jar of fancy herbs and spices. But one of my favourite things to make up is a bouquet of flowers. It's fun to gather together blooms and greenery - I think it shows my friends that I care about them enough to want to do this just for them. Much nicer than buying a ready made arrangement or just a box of chocs.

Last week I made up a simple spring bouquet of tulips with hyacinths and, because I had loads of time that morning, I decided to photograph my efforts to show you 'how I did it' please bear in mind that I am not a flower arranger, I have no idea what I'm doing - I usually just go with it and do what feels right!......which as it happens, is my philosophy for life in general - seems to have worked so far!

So What did I do? Well first I gathered together the flowers and greenery - I wanted the arrangement to be simple so just chose to use tulips and hyacinths with olive branches to add the structure and greenery. I always buy uneven numbers when arranging. To my mind it gives a more balance arrangement, be it for a vase or bouquet. Here I used 5 tulips and 5 hyacinths with about 7 olive steams.

I'm forming a loose bouquet. The style suits these flowers and as an added bonus, is easy to do. Choose a straight tulip to act as the centre flower and arrange all the hyacinths around it to form a ring of them.

Because I'm not tying with string as I go, the initial arrangement looks very loose - don't worry it will all hold together in the end, just work quickly and don't think about it too hard.

Arrange the olive steams around the ring of hyacinths....

And finally dot the 4 remaining tulips around the outside. Don't space them evenly it looks wrong for this type of arrangement.

Now you just need to tye it off and it's finished.

Just tightly tie some garden string around the steams - about halfway up - you could leave it at that, but if you wrap more string around and tie with a bow it looks better or - as I did - you can add a fancier wrap over the string ....

I took a length of burlap ribbon, Pinned it in place with a few dress makers pins and then tightly wrapped it around. Cut the ribbon and tuck the edge in to form a clean seam. Fix and finish by pinning it in place with a row of coloured pins. Again, I keep the numbers uneven - it's more aesthetically pleasing. If you wish to neaten it up you can trim the ends of the steams off  - I left mine as they were because I liked the rustic look.

It really is very simple to do, the best way is to work quickly, don't think to hard, follow a few simple rules and the arrangement seems to form it's self.

The bouquet made a perfect gift and the scent from the hyacinths was amazing.....

Have a great day
Love Lizx