Friday, 8 January 2016

Smashed Avocado with Chorizo and Feta

This salad can look ab bit of a mess on the plate but it tastes fantastic. The spiciness of the chorizo works really well with the cooling flavours of the avocado.

It's a very quick and easy supper dish.....

Recipe - enough for 2

1 medium size spicy chorizo sausage - probably about 250g-300g
2 large firm but ripe avocados
juice of a lime
couple spring onions
1 green jalapeno
good handful fresh parsley and coriander - roughly chopped
200g feta
olive oil
sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

Peel, halve and stone the avocados. Pop the flesh in a bowl and then roughly crush to a coarse texture using a spoon or a fork. Squeeze over the lime juice followed by a good pinch of salt and loads of freshly ground black pepper.

Roughly chop the herbs, chilli and spring onion - de-seed your chilli if you don't want it too hot. Add to the avocado, pour over a little olive oil and then gently fold together, cover and set aside. Don't refridgerate the cold kills the flavours it will be quite happy set to the side for a while.

Chop your chorizo into thick rings and place in a frying pan with a little olive oil - if you have it a spot of red wine pour in about a tablespoon it adds to the richness of the chorizo flavour.

Cook over a high heat for a few minutes just to melt the fats and crisp up the outside. Keep the sausage moving so they cook evenly.

 As you can see I like to really burn the edges of my chorizo - this was deliberate I didn't just over cook it!

Whilst the chorizo is cooking crumble the feta into large uneven chunks.

As soon as the chorizo is cooked, divide the avocado salad between two plates, place the hot chorizo on top and sprinkle over the feta. Serve immediately with some crusty bread and maybe a glass of wine or two.

Have a great weekend
Love Lizx

Here's the printable recipe...
 Avocado with chorizo and feta