Monday, 18 January 2016

Lemon Courgette Pasta

Since I read Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall's book 'Three Good Things' I keep naming my dishes the same way -It doesn't seem to matter how many ingredients are involved I am to be able to reduce it to the three main ingredients - last week we had 'chicken apricot rice' and the next day 'aubergine coriander couscous' - so I'm going to apologies in advance if this filters onto these pages over the next few weeks - I just don't seem to be able to turn it off - I shall embrace it as a new skill or gift!

It's happened today with 'Lemon, Courgette Pasta' but try as I might, once the title had got into my brain nothing was going to shift it and I could not come up with anything else - well, apart from 'Pasta with lemony Courgettes' or 'A lemon Courgette Sauce for Pasta' or my all time favorite 'a courgette sauce with lemon and cheese for Pasta' All a bit rubbish really....... so I'm sticking with 'Lemon Courgette Pasta'

This is a simple but tasty dish, it's quick, fairly healthy (well it's got veggies in it!) and it's filling - a perfect midweek supper dish.

Recipe - enough for 2

3 medium size courgettes
1 red chilli
zest and juice of a lemon
3 spring onions
a big handful grated mature cheddar - or any hard strong cheese
3 tablespoons creme fraiche plus extra if you want more 'creaminess'
salt and pepper
Knob of butter or a little olive oil
a little white wine, hot pasta water or warm milk to thin the sauce if needed

Pasta of your choice - I like shells for this to hold the sauce.

First prepare your ingredients - grate the courgettes and cheese, chop the spring onions, zest and juice your lemon and finely dice the chilli - de-seed if you want less heat.

Grab a large, heavy based pan and warm up the olive oil or butter. Add all - the courgettes, cheese, spring onions, chilli, lemon zest, half the lemon juice and the creme fraiche.

Keep the heat on a medium to low setting and allow everything to heat through, the cheese to melt and the courgettes and onions to soften. Give the pan a shake now and again to distribute the ingredients evenly and a gentle stir to help breakup the melting cheese.

Whilst all that is happening cook your pasta - just follow the packet instructions.

Taste your sauce and add more lemon juice if you fancy. If your sauce is too thick or thin adjust accordingly - either add a little more creme frieche, or thin with a little white wine, pasta water or warm milk.

Season with salt and loads of black pepper.

Once your pasta is cooked, drain and coat with a little olive oil or butter adding some pepper if your wish.

Divide the pasta onto heated dishes and spoon over the sauce. A grating of parmesan and/or a sprinkle of chopped fresh parsley or coriander will finish it off. Serve whilst piping hot.

Have a great start to your week
Love Lizx

Here's the printable

 Lemon Courgette Pasta