Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Simple, Healthy, Cleansing Salad

After all that rich food this last week my body is crying out for a simple, clean-tasting salad. I eat salads constantly, whatever the time of year, I have some sort of salad everyday - be it at lunch time at my desk or served with my evening meal - with Christmas foods all that goes out of the window!

After just a few days of eating rich heavy food I'm craving raw red onions, fresh simple tomatoes and salad leaves.

This salad was perfect for me - no thick dressings hiding the flavours, just a good olive oil and a little salt and pepper to dress.

Recipe - serves 2
1 bag of baby spinach leaves - rinsed under ice cold water and shaken dry
1 punnet of sweet cherry tomatoes - try piccolo
1 red onion
1 ball fresh mozzarella
a good olive oil
salt & pepper

Grab a great big salad bowl and tip in your washed baby spinach. Peel and slice the red onion, separate the rings and throw over the spinach.

Slice up the tomatoes and place them in a separate bowl. Sprinkle well with some sea salt and set aside.

Rip up the mozzarella ball and place with the tomatoes. Liberally douse with some olive oil - probably about a tablespoon or so.

Gently fold the tomatoes and the mozzarella together - this mixes the tomato juices with the olive oil and coats the cheese.

Place the tomato and mozzarella over the spinach and onions, spoon any leftover juices over and add a little more olive oil if you want. Finish with a big twist of black pepper.

That's a really big healthy salad that will make you and your insides feel great.
Love Lizx

 Cleansing Salad