Thursday, 17 December 2015

Lemon Buttered Salmon with Dill

I know that over the next few weeks I'm going to be filling myself up with far too much rich and tasty food .... it's Christmas .... therefore this has to be .... However, just the thought of it makes me want to cook simple, mild and gentle meals - just to give my body a rest and refresh so I'm ready for the next rich dish!

This salmon recipe is perfect for that. It's quick to cook and has a very upbeat, lemony flavour which I love. It make for a great supper dish but is also perfect for a fish course at a dinner party. As I said it is very lemony which maybe too sharp for some, so if you want to air on the side of caution, half the lemon juice.

Recipe - serves 2

2 salmon steaks
large knob butter - approx 40g
large handful dill - chopped, plus a little extra for the sauce at the end.
juice 2 lemons
a bay leaf - 2 if fresh
a few peppercorns
2 large tablespoons creme fraiche
1 teaspoon capers - chopped

Place the butter and the lemon juice into a shallow pan. Pop over a low heat to melt the butter.

Once the butter has melted, add the chopped dill, the bay leaf and 3 or 4 black peppercorns.

Lay your salmon fillet top side down in the butter and immediately turn it over so it's now skin side down. This just coats the top and helps to add more flavour. I also like the look it gives the fish.

Raise the heat to get the liquid bubbling, cover the pan with a lid or some foil. Now lower the heat to a gentle simmer and leave to cook for a maximum of 10 minutes - the fish is ready when you can prize the flakes apart, but it should still be firm. The colour will be a pale pink due mainly to the lemon juice.

Remove the fish with a large fish slice and keep it warm in some foil or on a hot dish.

Now add the creme fraiche, the capers and a little more dill to the pan.

Bring it all together as best you can. This sauce will curdle sightly as soon as you stop stirring - don't worry it's supposed to do that!

Heat your sauce gently through and when it's piping hot pour over your salmon.

Serve immediately with a few steamed vegetables.

You can try this same recipe with cod or haddock, substituting the dill for chervil or parsley - just remember it's a plain and simple dish so don't get too fancy with the herbs.

Here's the printable recipe
Love Lizx

 Salmon and Dill