Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Cranberry Sauce with Orange and Port

Next on my 'Extras List' is the cranberry sauce. I always make my own and I usually make it Christmas eve when preparing all the other 'bit's' that make the Christmas meal extra special - the turkey stock for the gravy,cooking mince pies and making sausage rolls. All the different spices and smells are the real scents of Christmas and that's when I start to get really excited about the festivities to come....

This year I had to prep it earlier without all the other cooking going on but the scent of the cranberry and orange was still christmas-ie all on it's own.


1x 300g packet of fresh cranberries - mine were fresh but I froze them
100g caster sugar
1 clementine
a little orange juice (or water)
100ml port

Put the cranberries, fresh or still frozen, in a heavy based pan. Add the sugar and give the pan a shake to distribute the sugar evenly around the pan. Add a little orange juice or water - approx a tablespoon, followed by the slice clementine. Then place over a medium heat.

Leave the pan to sit over the heat without stirring but give it a shake now and again. The sugar will dissolve, and the cranberries will heat and start to burst. Leave to cook for about 10-15 minutes. the liquid will evaporate leaving a little sticky sauce in the bottom and a mixture of burst and whole cranberries. The fresh cranberries will reduce to a thick sauce a lot quicker than the frozen - but as long as you don't burn it you can't really go wrong.

Now, with the pan still over the heat, add the port. Let is boil for a few minutes to reduce to a thick sauce and then your done. I like to leave the orange slices in the sauce but you can remove them if you wish.

Pour into a sterilised jar and it will keep in the fridge for about a month.

Obviously it's the perfect accompaniment to turkey but it's also excellent with any other game, served with cold meats or spooned over oven baked sausages. I have even put spoonfuls over a baked brie which worked really well - the contrast of colours was really striking.

Have a great day - hope your preparations go well..
Love Lizx

 Cranberry Sauce