Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Christmas Hyacinths

Tonight, on my way home from work, I will be picking up a tray of hyacinths bulbs. They have started to sprout and, hopefully, will be filling the house with their flowers and scent right throughout the Christmas holidays.

Of course, because it's me - all the flowers will be white, although I do love the soft lilac/blue colours of some, I will always stay with white. Last year I had problems with some of the flowers bending towards the light so this year, after following advise, I will be wiring the flower heads to see if that helps. Apparently you just insert a florist wire down through the flower spike into the bulb to hold the flower straight and true - we will see if it works......

But the more pressing problem is - what sort of displays to do this year?

Picking up the hyacinths and making them up in arrangements is usually the start of my Christmas decorations. I'm not one to put all my decorations up in 'one hit' I'm more into slowly introducing advent and Christmas into the house. With candles and hyacinths the first to start appearing followed by lights, stars and small arrangements before the big production of the tree and the wreaths which usually get done a week before Christmas day.

Each year I like to come up with something different. Last Christmas I planted them up in old loaf and brioche tins for the kitchen and covered the pots in brown paper for around the rest of the house. This year's decorations I haven't finalised yet but I'm leaning towards glass and clear simple lines maybe introducing a little silver sparkle - we shall see........

I have collected together loads of moss, sticks, glass containers, candles and a few silvery decorations so I will just have to see how it goes ........

But I may just do some thing simple like this ........

For a few more ideas and links to the pictures click here

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Hope you all have a happy day
Love Lizx