Thursday, 10 December 2015

Christmas Hyacinths Continued.......

Earlier this week I mentioned I was picking up pots of white hyacinths to include in my Christmas decorations. When I got to the florists they also had pots of crocus - so obviously I had to include a few of these as well - I loved the look of their papery bulbs (or do crocus have corms?)

I had wanted all the bulbs to be in individual pots but unfortunatly, they came grouped together, so I spent a few hours last night separating them. Made a bit of a mess in the kitchen, but so what! as I was the one cleaning it all up, it didn't matter, but next time - top tip coming - put some newspaper down!.......

So what did I do?

First off I removed all the pots.....

I then gently removed as much earth as I could by teasing out the roots and giving them a good shake. This really distributes the mud around the kitchen!

Make sure you save the compost for later.

And the last few bits I washed off under a gentle stream of tepid water - so it doesn't shock the roots or turn your hands numb!

The earth around the crocus was very loose so a gentle shake in a wire basket removed all of it. This was a much easier and cleaner way.  I then teased the bulbs/corms apart with my fingers.

I had gathered loads of pots and pretty jars together over the last few days so was ready to 'pot-up'

I clustered the crocus together .......

And the hyacinths I placed individually.

The crocus were potted up in the saved compost but the hyacinths are just in water. All the goodness they need to flower is already stored in the bulb, so all they need is a little water to keep them going. Just make sure you don't get the bulb wet just the roots. About a few cm of water will be enough - just remember to keep it topped up and put them somewhere cool if your going away for a few days over the holidays.

Now they are all planted up and ready for me to assemble in arrangements around the house. I'll do that later this week.

Have a great day
Love Lizx