Thursday, 5 November 2015

A Bunch of Chrysanthemums and a Flea Market Find......

My Mum's Dad - who is obviously, therefore, my Grandpa - used to grow chrysanthemums, in rows, amongst his vegetable garden.

I remember them being very tall - but that may have been because I was then very short! - they were kept upright with bamboo canes and the flowers were many different colours and shapes.

One memory I have is of him picking a few flowers, when we went to dig some beetroots, tie them into a bunch with some garden twine and then presenting them, with a flourish, to my Granny in the kitchen - she when all giggly and I can remember us all laughing ....... another time, when I was in hospital for a little while, Grandpa visited everyday and he would bring me a bunch of chrysanthsemums from his garden - By the time I left the whole window was full of vases of flowers and their fresh scent filled the room......

So, as soon as I see bunches arriving in my local veg shop I have to grab a some in honour of my grandad!

The shop next to the veg shop is a little bric-a-brac shop where there are all sorts of different things to buy - from soaps and candles through to vintage bit's and bob's. The owner picks most of her stock at french markets - so therefore, it's my sort of place! I like to pop in there during my lunch break and have a good look at her latest finds.... it's always changing and you never know what your going to get.

This week one of the cabinet tops was covered in loads of little lead animals - all from France, obviously old but unsure of age. Apparently they were part of an auction lot and were all in an old biscuit tin - probably someones collection from years ago. I rooted through and found a little dog and a crow that I just couldn't live without! - I paid a £1 for the pair as the crow had lost a foot!

 I think they are lovely and they are now living on the Kitchen cabinet next to the eggs........

Hope you all have a lovely day
Love Lizx